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The “Okhtoboos”  wants nothing more in its life than to hug another “Okhtoboos” & stretch its legs. A marvelous creature, it reproduces with itself, its legs grow from its body and its body grows from its legs!


Discover “Okhtoboos,” a cooperative game where players join a community of octopuses on their journey to freedom from the evil “Gamboos”. Help protect them and avoid the gamboos, players will win together or lose together!

Game Components:

  • 49 Okhtoboos Cards
  • 3 Gamboos Cards
  • Game Manual

Number of players: 1-4 players

Age: 10+

Time: 5 – 15 mins

How to Play:

  • Draw a card from the 3 revealed cards and place it in the common play area (the ocean floor).
  • The drawn card’s illustration must complement the adjacent cards.
  • Use special moves when two octopuses are connected or if their arms are relaxed.
  • Utilize special cards to change card positions or remove cards from the common play area.
  • Apply double counts when there are shared arms between octopuses.

Gather your team to enjoy protecting the Okhtoboosat from the Gamboos!

  • Age group10+

  • Dimensions N/A

  • Price 200EGP

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