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We love creating playful products and games that have the power to take you into a journey of joy, questioning and learning with an extraordinary attention to detail, content and above all humor and curiosity.Our products cover a wide range of ages as well as interests. We take pride in having them originally brewed in our brains, grown and validated by our educators and network and manufactured in our country.

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Makouk offers educational experiences (workshops,sessions and camps)  that emerge from our product themes and reflect our methodology.

We facilitate activities for children and youth starting from the age of 9 until 18 year old from different backgrounds in both Arabic and English. We value spaces for expression and spaces that help us explore our environments in a playful way and hence work creatively and methodologically to create them for you.

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We create atmospheres that invite players explore their minds and environments while tapping into their intuitive desires to play. By giving space to such exploration players can face and creatively challenge the status quo and engage on a voyage of mental empowerment.

Makouk’s mediums and methodologies are always tailored and diversified in the design of each session but always have self expression and gamification at heart.

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Favourite picks

Dystopia is a strategy game for 2-5 players where the Earth has been destroyed and its resources are running out!

This Bundle is full of coloring, drawing, imagination and playing!

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4 lessons we’ve learned out of our own re-branding

Rebranding is a natural part of a company’s life. A painful part! Yet necessary in most cases. I think of it like reptiles changing their skin …greatly uncomfortable for sure, energy consuming definitely but somehow refreshing and rebirthing.

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Baladna – An Expandable Board Game

It is no company secrete that we are exploring a new playing ground: creating board games in Egypt. Now, after 4 year after the first version of Baladna and 2 years after the second…. Yes we are working on a third one! This will be the outcome of years of learning and evolution of a board game about Egypt.

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The Journey of “7areef El 7uruf”

We’ve been working on “7areef el 7orouf” for almost a year now. It’s an Arabic game that uses Arabic letters in 4 quick games in creating words,poems and stories and guessing items in a category. Here are some things we’ve found out though our journey.

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