Dystopia is a strategy game for 2-5 players where the Earth has been destroyed and its resources are running out! Food, electricity and water have become scarce. Pollution is on the increase, and Earth can no longer sustain life.

There is hope though… In order to save humanity from extinction cities will provide two spaceships to search for new planets we can live on. But there’s a catch! The spots on the spaceships are limited! The resources that you will need on that journey is the only way to guarantee a spot on the spaceship. You, the citizens, will compete to collect the needed resources to guarantee yourself a spot in the new world!

Explore the city..  Gather the resources.. And escape the planet earth!

Age: 14+

Game Components:

  • 49 City Card
  • 48 Resource Card
  • 25 Special Cards
  • 10 Player Tokens
  • 60 Coins
  • Instructions Manual

Game is not language based, but the instructions manual is in Arabic.

Game design and development: Ahmed Labib, Osama Helmy (Ozoz), Seif Baher, Mariam Aboghazy

Graphic design and illustration: Nour Gohar

Dystopia game is an outcome of a game design fellowship that focuses on environmental issues called “Out of the Ordinary” that started in 2016, and was organized by Goethe Institute in Cairo.

You can download a free printable version from the links below:

Dystopia Printing Instructions

Dystopia Game Content

Dystopia Game Manual

  • Age groupAdults

  • Dimensions 18 × 18 × 5.5 cm

  • Price 349EGP

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