3alam Mowazi

3alam Mowazi Packaging
3alam Mowazi Packaging
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“?!Tell me uncle, how do I plant parsley”

We are currently in an absurd moment. We have the need to understand many facts about a wide range of things and nobody seems to be getting it. This role-play game though, will place us in situations through which we try to explain different things to a random group of people in a new location every time. The location also contains random objects. And every turn there is a new learning objective. We have to impersonate and reach the learning objective before the time runs out.

Parallel Universe was produced during a project for educational development through games, and it helps teachers and other educators build their facilitation skills. This game was produced in partnership with Drosos Foundation.

Number of players: 6-15

Language: Arabic

Playing time: 45 minutes

+Age: 14

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  • Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 cm

  • Price 249EGP

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