7areef El 7uruf

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7areef el 7uruf is a dice game where you play with Arabic letters and challenge your friends to form words, stories and poems. A fun filled pocket sized tin can with 4 different fast paced dice games that anyone over 10 years old can enjoy.

  • Age group12+ years

  • Dimensions 10 × 5.3 cm

  • Price 249EGP

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  • Is this a linguistic game? Do I need to be proficient?

    You definitely don’t need to be proficient but rather have fun improvising words 🙂 It’s a fun game that brings the beauty of our language in all its forms (colloquial and formal) into existence.

  • In what context can it be played?

    This is such a flexible game. You can play it with just one friend or in a big circle of friends. It can be played when you’re stuck in traffic in the car or in a get together … literally in every imaginable situation.

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2 reviews for 7areef El 7uruf

  1. 5 out of 5


    لعبة مسلية جدا وبتساعد على الإبداع

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    لعبة لذيذه جدااا
    يتخلى القعده فيها تفاعل وضحك وحيوية..
    ده غير أنها تعتبر لعبة لغوية بس مش مباشرة
    وحجمها صغير سهل ناخدها فى كل مكان
    والخامات بتاعتها حلوه اوى
    ممكن اى حد معدى ينضم ..
    بنلعبها من الأجداد الأحفاد.. كله بيشارك
    بجد من أحلى الألعاب اللى بتكون معانا فى كل لمه
    وباستخدمها فى مذاكرة العربى ساعات
    عظيمه وتعتبر السهل الممتنع

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