Methodologies - makouk


Makouk seek to journey through play to explore questions, themes and elements that affect us and our universe. 

Whether through a game, experience or learning program, Makouk is open to limitless forms of play that bring friends, children, adults, and creatures back to their natural ways of self expression, questioning and exploration.

We chose play as the main thread in weaving our creations. Who doesn’t like to play?

Here are some of our other methodologies that act as other threads when we are designing products, programs and experiences.

Experiential learning

This is one of the main elements that is a foundation while designing a workshop or an activity. It entails that participants engage in a designed activity, then reflect on that experience and conceptualize it and then experiment with the new findings. It is the process of learning through experience specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing”.

Self learning

Learning to ask the right questions, and what to do with these questions is at the core of self-learning. Self-learning is the process where we manage our own learning journey, we chose what we want to learn, how, when and where we learn it. This invites participants to identify what they are passionate and curious about, then provides the space and tools for them to explore how to learn about it.

Hands-on learning

Engaging and interacting with what we are learning about is an essential aspect of learning. The learning is designed to happen through the interaction and action that participants take. Participants then feel, see, smell what they are learning about and connect with it to understand it.

Peer-to-peer learning

We encourage and create the space where participants learn from their peers which decentralizes where they receive the knowledge and skills. This shifts the focus from the educator as the sole knowledge holder to everyone participating.

Diverse mediums

We need to learn in ways that are as diverse as we are. We are all different and learn in different ways hence creating a learning experience that accommodates our diversity is essential. This would mean that we would need to activate all senses of participants and to embrace introverts, extroverts, mathematical, artistic, active and all kinds of humans.


Although this really doesn’t count as a methodology, but it’s important to mention it. We believe that it is a vital skill to unlearn. Our environments have inserted ideas and facts that we take for granted, these ideas and facts needs to be questioned and reassessed to see their true value.


We weave the above mentioned methodologies together to create learning experiences. These could be a few hours or a few weeks experiences with an extending and lasting impact.

You can know more about how we view learning by exploring our resource center.