What does Nalubalee mean?


Nalubalee is the Luganda word for Africa’s largest lake, the world’s largest tropical lake and the world’s second-largest freshwater lake by surface area before the British colonizers changed its name to Lake Victoria.


What happens in the game?

A curse has taken over the Nile and the creatures of its basin are scattered and lost. The Nile is essential to your livelihood, it’s the source of life and if the curse isn’t lifted soon there is no telling what might happen. Pack your things and sail across the Nile, to collect the creatures of the Nile basin and place them where they belong, to bring back the magic of this ancient river.


Nalubalee is a cooperative card game where players are trying to lift a curse off the River Nile. Players collect creatures of the Nile, create sets and flip the map tiles as they sail down the river using magical items to help them lift the curse. Additionally, Nalubalee consists of three rounds marked by the last card drawn from the playing deck. If they have uncovered the magic of the Nile by flipping all of the map tiles before the end of the third round, the players defeat the curse; otherwise they lose.


Number of players: 2-5

Age: 10+

Duration: 30 mins


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the game creation process, your contribution enabled us to bring the best out of this game.


Nalubalee Team:


Game Design and Development: Mariam Aboughazi, Ali Azmy

Game Art: Sarah Mosallam

Research: Mohamed El Mongy, Nahom Haile and Shallala Samhan

Game Art Management: Mariam Ramadan

Production Coordination: Ahmed Metwally

Project Management: Deena Ossama




  • Age group10+

  • Dimensions N/A

  • Price 309EGP

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