Million Kilo-Card


The “Million Kilo-Card” is a deck of Flashcards perfect for 3 year old children and above in which they use an erasable marker (included) to interact with the scenes either by drawing, connecting the dots, creating patterns, solving mazes and many more ways of unleashing their imagination.

The 50 visual designs reflect our culture, environment and people and build a connection to the land and its inhabitant.

  • Age group3-7 years

  • Dimensions 16 × 13.5 × 1.5 cm

  • Price 110EGP

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  • How exactly do kids use the white marker on the cards?

    The cards are glazed with a special material that makes them like whiteboards so children can draw and interact with the exercises and still erase them and try something new. This flexibility supports children in experiencing and trying different things out knowing they can go back and erase. The whiteboard marker has a sponge eraser at the back so the kids keep their hands clean of ink.

  • Can several kids play with the same cards?

    Yes for sure if you encourage them to take turns in using the marker or provide them with another one to use. There are over 25 cards each containing 2 designs so enough for many children to use at the same time.

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