Build your sock empire!


Dinoscoks is a card game where each player is a sock manufacturer. Throughout the game, each player buys machines, hires employees and takes actions to advance the company but everything you do will cost you coins and carbons. Players compete with each other until the game ends when one of them makes the fortune of 20 coins.




86 Cards

First Player Token

90 Carbon Tokens

2 Cheat Sheets

2 Manuals


Number of Players 2-5 Players

Age: From 11+


DinoSocks Team:


Game Design: Ayah Abdeen & Ali Azmy

Game Development: Ali Azmy & Mariam Ramadan

Game Art: Mariam Ramadan

Project Manager: Manar Ahmed

Game Production: Ahmed Metwally

Arabic version editing: Fady Awad

Translation & editing of English version: Zeinab Magdy


We would like to thank Pam Labib for helping us in developing the game’s idea & Nour Gohar for sketching out some dinosaurs!


We would also like to thank all our friends who contributed in testing the game and helped us develop it, your contribution enabled us to bring the best out of this game, a special thanks to:


Mariam Abou Ghazi

Ahmed Waleed


Ismail Karawya

Atef Rostom



Video Shooting: Nadeem Mortada & Kareem Moussa

Directing & Editing: Nadeem Mortada

Voice Over: Deena Osama

Scenario: Makoukies!

Translation: Zeinab Magdy


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  • Dimensions N/A

  • Price 250EGP

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