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Baladna Coloring Book


The coloring book is a unique set of over 20 coloring projects. Visuals include beautifully illustrated social, cultural and economic scenes around Egypt as well as landmarks, people, animals, birds and trees.

Children do not only color regular scenes but also cards, postcards, cutouts as well as gift wrapping paper that they can use and give out to their friends and family.

Even the packaging is an art product in itself being a stencil that children can use over and over on different surfaces.

  • Age group3-7 years

  • Dimensions 24.4 × 32.8 × 1 cm

  • Price 125EGP

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  • Is it only for kids?

    It’s for everyone who enjoys art, coloring and colors. Each project in this book has a different level of complexity (space size and detail) so it can fit different ages.

  • How do I use the packaging?

    The package is a stencil of a chameleon so you can use it to stencil on any surface and color the inside as colorful as a chameleon can be.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Great book takes our children to our lovely country

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