7areef El 7uruf


7areef el 7uruf is a dice game where you play with Arabic letters and challenge your friends to form words, stories and poems. A fun filled pocket sized tin can with 4 different fast paced dice games that anyone over 10 years old can enjoy.

  • Age group12+ years

  • Dimensions 10 × 5.3 cm

  • Price 150EGP 113EGP

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  • Is this a linguistic game? Do I need to be proficient?

    You definitely don’t need to be proficient but rather have fun improvising words 🙂 It’s a fun game that brings the beauty of our language in all its forms (colloquial and formal) into existence.

  • In what context can it be played?

    This is such a flexible game. You can play it with just one friend or in a big circle of friends. It can be played when you’re stuck in traffic in the car or in a get together … literally in every imaginable situation.

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