The Million Square Km. Map


Important: please note that the online application is currently unavailable. It is expected to be functioning by end of August.

The million square kilometer map is a small window, through which you can see many things: things we didn’t know existed, things in our memory, and many things around us.

The 68cm x 80cm poster visually portrays social, cultural and economic scenes around Egypt as well as landmarks, people, animals, birds and trees. A product for all ages that changes the way we look at our country and its map.

Packed in a recycled tube where you can re-use its packaging over and over again.


  • Age group12+ years

  • Dimensions 72 × 7 cm

  • Price 140EGP

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  • Is it only a poster?

    Yes it’s just a poster designed to be a visual tool. It ignites many questions and through its augmented reality Application opens the door to a whole new experience of Augmented reality where you’re exposed to videos, stories and more about each scene.

  • How do I get the Application

    It’s simple! Go to google play (for android) and Play Store (for IOS) and search for “El Million km sq” in English. Download the app and point it at your map and wait for the magic.

  • Tell me more about ways to use this map?

    Use it to observe: How many species do you see? How many birds …are they migrating birds? Do people look different at different parts? What about space?

    Use it to reflect on places and people: Where have you been to? Who shared this experience with you? What are memories you had there?

    Use it to plan: Where are places you’ve visited and maybe plan your coming trip.

The Million Square Km App

App Usage & Description

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